Hi, I'm Debbie!

Chicago-Based Food Photographer and Recipe Developer

I'm a Registered Dietitian who also offers freelance photography, recipe development, and short-form video/UGC content creation. I have a growing plant-based food blog and email list in addition to my social media followers. My audience trusts me as a nutrition expert so they are always interested in what products I use when making recipes for my own family.
My photography style is fresh and vibrant featuring minimalist white backgrounds so the punchy colors of the food really pop.

Food and Product Photography

As a Registered Dietitian who also loves to photograph food, I can combine my two passions to not only make the food look good, but highlight the nutrition benefits too. We eat with our eyes and I want everyone to eat better - so why not make the healthy stuff look just as tantalizing!

Recipe Development

As a plant-based dietitian, I am always thinking about food! I love creating delicious vegan recipes that everyone wants to eat, not just other vegans. With my expertise in nutrition, I can create healthy recipes that are not only nutritious but drool-worthy as well. Need a recipe with a specific dietary restriction (gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc) in mind? I can do that too!


Scroll stopping short form video for Instagram and TikTok is one of the best ways to get your brand noticed. Let me create engaging video showcasing how to use your products in the kitchen.